Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Exhibition of Tula Garments starting on 29th of April

In Chennai, Bangalore and soon in Auroville. Beginning with the 29th of April the precious garments of the Tula brand can be admired and bought at the SLI building during the following evening of monday, the 30th of April, .
The social enterprise named Tula lays is focus on the environmental-friendly, fair and traditional production of beautiful garments instead of profit. The safe income from the sells is a profit for farmers, who work on small farms in an organic and traditional manner that just uses rain for irrigation, Kadhi workers, who hand spin the cotton that is dyed with natural colours, weavers, who work with handlooms, and the stitcher out of marginalized groups. These traditional arts that are near to extinction found an Arche in this special enterprise. The environmental-friendly and just conditions under which every textile is manufactured lead to garments that are light as a feather on your conscience.

You want to learn more about Tula? One of the founders visits SLI and shares his experiences on the 30th of April at 5:30 pm.

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