Saturday, 30 May 2015

Updates - May 2015

With the first two weeks of regular course activities just completed, we are happy to share a brief update with you all.

Courses that have taken place so far are:
The enthusiasm both of participants and of facilitators and all those involved is greatly encouraging, as is the feedback received on the various courses.
Enjoy some glimpses!

- Sustainable Agriculture (3 days, at SLI base, in & around Auroville)
- Ehtno-veterinary Practices (in collaboration with Madurai-based SEVA) - 3 x 2 days, in Nadukuppam
- Herbs for Health (3 days, based in Nadukuppam)
- Trouble-shooting Clinic for Community Enterprises (2 days, at SLI base)

Women attending a theory session on 'Sustainable Agriculture' with Mr. Dhandapani

Our Intern from Ahmedabad helping with the kitchen...
Interns helping hands with the setting up of the new office...
the 'Ethno Veterinary' programme with locally grown herbs for cattle
Rushab, interning from Ahmedabad University busy with the cataloguing of the SLI library
Women participants learning preparation of herbal medicine for cattle

the magical 'masal urundai' that is a great help for cattle in healthcare being prepared...
live demonstration of the benefits of 'Ethno Veterinary' practices with a village cattle camp...
scenes from the village cattle camp...
Sri. Vivekananda, the faculty for the 'Ethno Veterinary' programme along with Ram and Parvathy at Nadukuppam

Often the participants turn up with their children during these school holidays and they are equally enthusiastic participants in some of the programmes

group photo of one of the three batches of 'Ethno Veterinary' programme participants in May 2015

Sunday, 17 May 2015

A Dynamic Start from a New Home

The SLI team is gradually expanding as we are about to take off with regular course activities, based from the beautiful Naicker House (Auroville - Kottakarai/Irumbai) and in Nadukuppam near Kaluveli Tank. 

           Here is the course schedule for the months of May and June 2015.                   
SLI schedule for May 2015

Note: The courses of the first few months will be catering mostly to people from the immediate surrounding districts – North and Central districts of Tamilnadu. 

Meant for
No. of participants

19 - 21 May
Sustainable Agriculture
CLGs involved in Farming

18 – 23 May
Ethno-Veterinary Practices
3 courses of 2 days each
CLGs involved in Dairy
15 each

26 – 28 May
Herbs for Health
CPs and CRPs

28 – 29 May
Clinic for Community Enterprises
Bulk loan CLGs

 Acronyms:  PD = Project Director; PO = Project Officer; DPM = District Project Manager; APO = Assistant Project Officer; APM = Assistant Project Manager CLG  = Common Livelihood Groups; CP = Community Professionals, CRP = Community Resource Person