Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Connecting the Dot..Women's Wellness and Happiness

The idea behind this information dissemination and discussion session was to bring together the experts from various field of medicine to start a dialogue on women health and wellness which probably would help in joint action on the concerned subject. Previously during an interaction with Dr. Vijaylakshmi, she shared many details which were more or less very scary to say the least, so it striked to us to give the experts from different traditional practices of health care which are unfortunately deemed as alternatives, a platform where they can discuss about the women health. It is a deliberate effort on behalf of SLI to disseminate information on women issues from the understanding and personal experiences of the experts so that a meaningful and comprehensive women’s wellbeing index can emerge, which can act as a guiding principle for women’s wellbeing programme in SLI and elsewhere.

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