Thursday, 29 October 2015

reflections in the middle of a transformative programme...

"I just started a small nursery and have distributed about 1500 saplings but then the to visit Pitchandikulam forest and knowing that they have planted over 200000 trees was an overwhelming experience, my only disappointment was that I couldn't meet Mr. Joss who planted these trees in the first place", said a tree planting enthusiastic Young Rural Development official.
"Understanding the impact of the trader-contractor-nexus on the local economy is so important for us to work in the rural livelihood sector, it was a good learning for us to have been exposed to these here", said another Rural Development official.

"The drumming circle was so relaxing and we discovered that there was something related to music in each one of us and perhaps there are other talents hidden in us that we haven't explored in life before", said another...

Aha! moments abound during the 'Stewardship for Sustainable Livelihood' programme with APOs and APMs of the Rural Development Department at SLI.

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