Friday, 17 April 2015

What We Stand For

Statement of Purpose

 This statement, written in December 2014 during a series of workshops of the SLI preparatory curriculum team, expresses the basic vision and shared values inspiring us in our work.

We recognise that as human beings we are intimately inter-connected with everything else in the universe, as part of a great Oneness of all being, and that to ensure sustainability on the planet we inhabit, we need to respect and nurture the totality of all beings.

We recognise that humanity today has reached the end of a journey marked by competition, domination and exploitation, and that only a rapid and comprehensive change in our ways of living can avert a global catastrophe and ensure a peaceful and prosperous future for the planet.

We see the present crisis as a unique challenge and opportunity in our collective evolution, where all of humanity’s present systems - social, economic, cultural, educational, political - must be reviewed and transformed to allow the emergence of new and sustainable ways of living on planet Earth. This transformation is so profound that only a complete and pervasive change in human awareness can bring it about.

We learn from the importance of bio-diversity in Nature, to honour and foster diversity in every human sphere, collective and individual. We seek to promote a spirit of fraternity, equity and unity while celebrating diversity in every field of life. We invite in particular a process of continuous mutual learning and co-evolution with the people from the rural communities of Tamilnadu, while welcoming contributions and collaborations from every corner of the world.

We recognise in the age-old science of Yoga, India’s spiritual gift to humanity, the elements for a conscious evolution into a new and universal consciousness which will provide the basis for a sustainable future for all. Similarly, India and Tamilnadu in particular, have a wealth of traditions, knowledge and technologies, ancient but in good part still alive, that can provide the seeds and foundations for a perfectly sustainable, culturally rich and rooted, evolving and innovative, happy and thriving life for all in this part of the country.

As a team and in all our interactions, we commit to cultivating goodwill, sincerity, honesty, integrity, mutual respect, compassion and care, while encouraging spontaneity, creativity and flexibility, in a nurturing environment that provides space for sacredness, beauty, and Purpose for each one.

We aim to evolve projects that are inspirable, ecologically and locally relevant as well as solidly grounded, that will meaningfully contribute towards a transformed society and world as described above.

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